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There are so many reasons that folks come from all parts of the planet to experience Oregon fishing at Running Y Ranch. Certainly it’s the area’s natural beauty and seclusion. It’s also our professional guides that know every twist and turn of the Klamath Basin rivers and lakes. And well, it most definitely has to do with the fish. Out on our secluded stretches of the Klamath River the rainbows average 17 to 19 inches and push the 24 inch mark. And out on the Williamson River, the rainbows are 30 inches plus. At Running Y in Southern Oregon you’ll find nothing but world-class scenery, guides, rivers, and fish.

World Class Fly Fishing

Here at Southern Oregon’s premier destination resort, Running Y Ranch, we offer more fishing trips on more varied waterways than you could possibly accomplish in one vacation. But you can sure try. From Klamath Lake, the biggest lake natural lake in the Pacific Northwest, to the Williamson River, considered one of the most beautiful and productive fly fishing rivers in the United States, to the Rogue River, where the Steelhead are up to 12 pounds, the Klamath Basin is a fisher’s paradise.

If fly fishing isn’t your thing and you prefer to catch your fish with bait and tackle, don’t fear. We’re not particular. And if you’re just getting started with a rod, know that all of our guides are great instructors as well. We just want you and your family or corporate group to have the best time possible fishing Southern Oregon.

Did we mention that in addition to incredible fishing, it’s simply stunningly beautiful around here? The Klamath Basin offers incredible natural beauty and eco-diversity. As far as the eye can see are rolling hills, wetland marshes, grassy plains and mountain peaks. Even better, out here around Klamath Falls, we’re hard pressed to see another soul out on the water. It’s just us, a few fly rods, amazing scenery and a whole lot of fish.

A Southern Oregon fishing trip here at Running Y Ranch will also treat you to plenty of views of wildlife. The Klamath Basin is a stopover to 75% of the birds that travel the Pacific Flyover, which means that at certain times of the year upwards of one million ducks and geese fly through these Southern Oregon skies. It’s also common to see deer, elk, otter, beaver, foxes and bears.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s talk and prepare all the details.