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The Best of Klamath Falls Vacation Home Rentals

Whether you plan a retreat, family reunion, or need to accommodate multiple people, our luxury nine-bedroom home in Southern Oregon is perfect for your next visit. This home is located on a secluded lot atop one of Running Y Resort's ridges offering private views of Klamath Lake while surrounded by tall ponderosa pine trees. The house is equipped with nine bedrooms, six bathrooms, and a separate apartment unit above the garage.

Home Amenities

  • 24-hour front desk and check-in services
  • Professional housekeeping, $150 fee per stay
  • Kitchenware stocked for 20 People
  • Parking for five vehicles
  • Fully furnished
  • Expansive outdoor patio with two barbeques
  • Dining room table with seating for 15 people

Floor Plan

  • Bedroom Room Type Amenity Floor Attached Bath
    1 King - 1st Yes
    2 Teo Queen Trundle Beds Kids Playroom 1st -
    3 Queen and Queen / Twin Bunk - 1st -
    4 Master 1 - King Fireplace, Doors to Patio 1st Yes
    5 Queen - 2nd Yes
    6 Queen - 2nd Yes
    7 King Kitchenette In-Room 2nd -
    8 Queen - 2nd -
    9 Master 2 - King Fireplace 2nd Yes
    10 Queen Full Apartment - Separate from House 2nd Yes
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