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Sandhill Spa - Heather Brown

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Heather has been with the Running Y Ranch Resort for about a year and practices massage and aesthetics! Over the years, she has worked in various places, including her home-town of Bandon, Oregon, specializing in cupping, lymphatic drainage, taping, ear seeding, medical massage, and gua-sha (scraping). Heather likes working at the resort because of its professional work environment. It allows her to utilize her skills to better people's lives. She also enjoys one of our signature features at the Running Y Ranch Resort… You guessed it! GOLF! Heather spends her free time making spray paint art, being a plantsman, rock hounding, and exploring the outdoors. One fun fact about Heather, she can spin a basketball on all 10 fingers! Heather gets rave reviews here at the Sandhill Spa, but we love her for her laid-back, caring personality. Book an appointment with her today!