Employee Biography

Christina Brent - Massage Therapist

My name is Christina Brent. I have been a healer and helper my whole life. I really take pride in my work. I feel massage is medicine and I love medically complex clientele or anyone who is out of alignment. This stems from my last job as a Physical Therapist Assistant that I enjoyed for 11 years. This was before deciding to home school my kids, which has its own benefits. For example, I get to teach my three daughters the lost arts of baking, sewing and classical education. 

A little about myself

I give my time to volunteer with my church community, usually cooking or crafting with kids. I also face paint at the local trunk or treat on Halloween. My sunflowers grow as tall as the house because I have time to tend the garden. I enjoy canning homegrown peaches and apple juice with my kids. My husband and I have been together since 2006 and have made time so he can work and go to school be a Registered Nurse while I help those in chronic pain with functionally beneficial massage. My hours are after the homeschooling day of course, which works great for me and the "just getting home from work" clientele or later arrivals at the lodge. 

A little about my skills

I am truly happiest when giving my best. I have taken many different types of courses in Ashiatsu. This is a more rare type of massage where I massage with my feet while standing on the table and holding onto bars overhead for balance. I have done my research and it is wonderful for postural issues and chronic pain. Plus, guess what! That's my favorite thing to help with so it's got my stamp of approval! I take great joy in the long lasting transformative effects of this style of massage. I am glad to have a nice tribe of followers who can personally recommend it. As an added benefit, Ashiatsu massage is also more effective and comfortable for both the client and the therapist. However, if it's not your preferred style, I also give a great deep tissue massage with my hands, forearms and elbows giving special attention to neck, shoulder, hips, ribs and even TMJ balancing and relief. Since becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist, I have found that I get the same thrill in helping people with massage that I did with physical therapy. I still have lasting relationships with my regulars and enjoy helping and rejuvenating the travel worn visitors as well. The hot towels, CBD lotion option, pressure adjustments, and aromatherapy are also great complements to my massages. 

I am easy going and relaxed with my home and work balance. My medical background makes me a natural educator, but I am also empathetic and a caring listener who has been described as a genuine healer. I've been told I'm amazing at what I do. I pride myself in listening to what my clients want or don't want and respecting their wishes. Although I have lots of experiences with pain, one of my favorite sayings is "you know you best." So if a client wants me to focus the whole time on their back, for example, or no left knee work, I will respect that. The environment at Sandhill Spa is high quality. We maintain a clean spa, and we have many high caliber therapists who have both medical and more soothing specialties. I'm a bit picky about where I work and who I left massage me. I can tell you my co-workers have my highest respect and recommendation! I plan on working here a long time. My advice to anyone drawn to visit us is this: drink a lot of water and always try to book in advance as our new spa is very popular!