A Close Up Of A Bird
A Duck Swimming In A Body Of Water

Birding Guides

Darrel Samuels

Darrel Samuels, a retired elementary school teacher,  is currently Vice President of the Klamath Basin Audubon Society and past President of KBAS. Having lived at the Running Y for almost ten years, he and his wife Diana (Winter Wings Festival co-coordinator) are enthusiastic birders and feeders of birds and have succeeded in drawing in a wide range of species into their yard. In addition to the more usual culprits, some more infrequent visitors have been: White-headed and Pileated Woodpeckers, a Sooty Grouse, and a Barred Owl.  Contact Darrel at  dsamuels@charter.net.   Phone: 541-850-5832

Gerry Hill

Gerry Hill, a life-long birder and 8 year amateur bird photographer, has a passion for his “subjects”. He has lived at the Running Y for the past 10 years and the bird numbers and diversity played a large part in his choice of this area for retirement. He has shared many of the “local bird gems” with Winter Wings participants at the Feeder Hops.  Contact Gerry at  grml@charter.net  Phone:  541-281-1085

Tom Essex

Tom Essex is a retired former secondary educator, specializing in physical sciences and environmental sciences. He is primarily involved in a variety of conservation organizations, including the National Audubon Society and local Klamath Basin Audubon Chapter, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and a local trout fishery conservation group.  He lives at the Running Y with his wife Kathy.  Contact  Tom at ospreytom@charter.net.  Phone:  541-273-7442

Marshal Moser

Marshal is a consultant and manager/biologist at Lonesome Duck Ranch on the Williamson River, 25 miles north of Klamath Falls. He also leads tours in the Klamath Basin, specializing in Crater Lake National Park. Having traveled and studied natural history on 5 continents, he began naturalizing and birding in Oregon in the 1970s and liked southeast Oregon so much he moved to the area in 2006. A Certified Wildlife Biologist, he was the founding Executive Director of the Ohio Chapter of The Nature Conservancy, college biology instructor, and has owned his own environmental consulting company, EcoServices, since 1978. He works with terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, wetland and water issues, endangered and invasive species, fishing, birding, grazing, native plants and landscaping.  Contact Marshal at marshalmoser@gmail.com.  Phone:  541-880-4629.   Read his blog at www.lonesomeduckblog.blogspot.com.