Junior Golf Camps

Camp Ages 5- 10

This is an entry level camp for those who have very little golf experience. The children will be introduced to the basics of the grip, set-up, parts of a golf hole, the driving range and other general areas of the facility. Coaches emphasize fun, healthy choices and provide a welcoming environment.

Camp Dates: 

June 18th to 21st

July 9th to 12th


1 day: $40 

2 days: $65

3 days: $80 

4 days: $100

Camp Ages 11-17

This program is geared toward the junior golfer wanting to advance in the game but may not have a total understanding of how to get there. Research shows that of 100% of one’s practice time, 70% should be done randomly, 20% through games while only 10% focused on a specific swing element. This class will do just that; teach participants how to practice and what specifically they need to practice while learning about course management, Rules of the game, and how to compete in pressured situations.

Camp Dates: 

June 25th to 28th

July 23rd to 26th


1 day: $60

2 days: $85

3 days: $100

4 days: $120

Clubs are available upon request. 

For more information and to reserve your spot, contact Trever Wilson at 541.850.5580 or email - treverw@runningy.com