Cocktail Menu

Cool Cucumber     9
wild roots grapefruit and cucumber gin (oregon made),
muddled cucumber, lime juice, topped with soda water,
garnished with peppered cucumber

Manhattan Gone Rogue     11
rogue whiskey (oregon made), 
interrobang sweet vermouth (oregon made),
bitters, garnished with a cherry

Strawberry Heat Margarita     10
cazadores reposado, triple sec, lime juice,
strawberry purée, muddled jalapenos, simple syrup

Pendleton Round-Up     9
pendleton whiskey, strawberry purée, lemon juice,
simple syrup, topped with ginger ale

Rosé-Politan     10
crater lake vodka (oregon made), lime juice, 
triple sec, simple syrup, white cranberry juice,
topped with sparkling rosé

White Linen     10
aria gin (oregon made), st. germaine elder flower liqueur,
lemon juice, simple syrup, topped with soda water
add chambord +1

Paloma Mezcal     11
don julio blanco, mezcal, cointreau, simple syrup,
grapefruit juice, bitters, topped with soda water

Templeton Fashioned     10
templeton rye whiskey, bitters, simple syrup,
garnished with orange peel zest and cherry

Pineapple Breeze     9
malibu coconut rum, pineapple juice, lime juice,
topped with x-rated passion fruit liqueur and sierra mist

Blueberry Tea     12
orange spice hot tea, grand marnier, disaronno

The Monk     9
disaronno, hazelnut liqueur, steamed milk,
topped with whipped cream

Espresso Martini     11
espresso shot, whipped vodka, chocolate syrup,
half and half, bailey's

Irish Coffee     11
jameson, bailey's hot coffee, whipped cream