A celebration to remember

This year, 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of Running Y Ranch Resort. Ever since Running Y opened, it has been a life-changing destination for people to visit over and over again.  Running Y Ranch Resort invites you to participate in our celebration. 

Blue Zone Ribbon Cutting

Join us May 28th for the Blue Zone ribbon cutting to announce we are officially Blue Zones Project approved at 11:00am.

Following at 11:30am we will have a Blue Zones walk celebrating the 9 pillars of health with 9 stops. The first 100 people to each stop will receive a gift embodying one of the 9 pillars for a total of 9 gifts. 

1. Move Naturally 

2. Purpose
3. Down Shift
4. 80% Rule
5. Plant Slant
6. Wine @ 5

7. Belong
8. Loved Ones First 
9. Right Tribe

Anniversary Party    

Running Y Ranch Resort will be celebrating their anniversary on May 28th with an exclusive party, golf specials, presentations, and much more. Invitation only. 

Time Capsule

We will honor the past and welcome the present as we bury our 20th Anniversary time capsule. 

2016 Summer Concert Series

Brought back by popular demand, Running Y Ranch Resort will be hosting a 2016 summer concert series. 

June 14 Billy Lund and Whiskey Weekend

July 19 Gypsy Road

August 16 The Exchange

September 13 Jackson Michelson

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