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Spa Memberships

Relax. Renew. Repeat.

With our new Spa Membership Program, it is easier than ever to make self-care a habit. We welcome you back again and again, and the more you spend, the more you save! And the best part is that it is free to enroll! 

All Sandhill Spa Members will automatically be signed up to be the first to receive VIP access to events, exclusive offers, and more! Members will receive these benefits at no cost, but they are also eligible for discounts on services dependent on the amount of money spent within the calendar year. 

Membership Levels

Amber Member

Once a member has spent $150 or more, they become an Amber Member and will receive 10% off all future appointments. 

Emerald Member

Once a member has spent $750 or more, they become an Emerald Member and will receive 15% off all future appointments. 

Diamond Member

Once a member has spent $1,000 or more, they become a Diamond Member and will receive 20% off all future appointments. 


Members must enroll in the program in person or via phone. All memberships reset at the beginning of the next calendar year (starting January 1). When memberships are reset, all members will start the new year 1 tier below where they finished the year (example: Diamond members will become Emerald members). Once a member spends the designated amount, they will be automatically bumped up to the next tier and start receiving that discount at their next appointment. 

Sign up today by calling Sandhill Spa at 541.850.5547!