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Get Carried Away in Nature

There is no better way to encounter Running Y Resort's outdoor scenic beauty other than by horseback. In partnership with Jensen Equine, the Running Y Resort offers an array of equestrian services to provide the best experience for all age groups and familiarity levels. From guided trail rides and riding lessons to youth horse camps and equestrian education, Running Y Resort has fun for everyone!

All guided trail rides and lessons are scheduled by appointment. For reservation and details, please call Jacqueline Jensen at 1.626.379.6434 or email

Guided Trail Rides & Lessons

Enjoy the beauty of Klamath Lake on a private guided horseback ride. All experience levels welcome!


Youth Horse Camps gives the opportunity to teach safe horsemanship, riding skills and horse care.

Running Y Programs

Get Involved with Jensen Equine and Running Y Resort.
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