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Vacation Homes At Running Y Ranch, Klamath Falls

Welcome Home to Klamath Falls

Running Y Resort is home to a collection of Oregon vacation homes, including cozy chalets, open floor townhomes, and custom home rentals.  
Featuring multiple bedrooms, awe-inspiring views, and resort amenities, these vacation rentals in Klamath Falls are the perfect headquarters for your next vacation, whether you're planning a romantic escape, a spa getaway, or a week-long vacation. 
Chalets At Running Y Ranch, Klamath Falls


Cozy chalets offer a unique Northwest feel with open floor plans and more than 1,570 square feet of living space.
Town Homes At Running Y Ranch, Klamath Falls


Running Y Resort is home to a collection of townhomes for rent in Southern Oregon, featuring golf courses and valley views. Surrounded by immense natural beauty, our townhomes encompass 2,000 square feet. 
Luxury Nine-Bedroom Home At Running Y, Klamath Falls

Luxury Guest Mansion - 10 Bedroom Home

Our exquisite Ten-Bedroom Home is a gem among Klamath Falls home rentals while being ideal for retreats and family reunions. Reach out to our front desk to reserve this Nine Bed Home in Klamath Falls 541-850-5500.


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