A Rocky Island In The Middle Of A Snow Covered Mountain With Crater Lake National Park In The Background
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Hiking in Southern Oregon

From Lush Valleys to Mountaintops

With Running Y Ranch Resort as your home base, enjoy Klamath Falls hiking in Southern Oregon and explore everything from beautiful mountaintops with expansive lake views to lush valleys and serene meadows. Among the 3,600 acres that encompass Running Y Ranch Resort, hikers have an assortment of unforgettable options. Hike along the ridge tops or along the shores of Upper Klamath Lake, or head out into the marshes that surround the property. Witness the Skillet Handle, a unique 2.5 miles long peninsula, containing the lovely woods of Western White Oak, Ponderosa Pine and Juniper.

Our guides, ROE Outfitters, also offer a variety of hikes in the Winema National Forest and Klamath River Basin, varying in difficulty.