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Skating At Running Y Ranch, Klamath Falls

Make Memories Out on the Ice

Create your own ripple in the world of skating on the campus of Running Y Resort. The Olympic-sized Bill Coller Ice Arena is a haven for ice-skaters in winter and a hotspot for roller-skaters in the summers. Enjoy open skating, family skating, freestyle, hockey, and other recreations near the resort entrance. 
Open Skating At Running Y Ranch, Klamath Falls

Open Skating

We offer discounted multi-session passes for both youth and adults. Passes are available for 11 or 22 visits and provide a 10% and 15% admission discount. These passes are valid during the current skating season. Unused visits cannot be used in subsequent seasons. 
Family Skating Sessions At Running Y Resort, Klamath Falls

Family Skating Sessions

Skate as a family unit (at least one adult and one child) and receive our Family Skate discount as listed below! Family Skate admission prices include skate rental. Non-families are also welcome during this session, and the regular Open Skate admission and rental prices apply. 
Freestyle Skating At Running Y Ranch, Klamath Falls

Freestyle Skating

The arena organizes special sessions for advanced skaters to practice their skills, including spins, jumps, and programs. Participants can also ask for private lessons scheduled during Freestyle sessions. 
Adult Drop-in Hockey At Running Y Ranch, Klamath Falls

Adult Drop-in Hockey

Complete equipment setup is required for youth aged 16 to 17. Full equipment is suggested for adults ages 18 and older, and a helmet and gloves are required. We have equipment for you to borrow if this is your first time on the ice. You can rent equipment if you would like to return for more sessions. 
Stick and Puck At Running Y Ranch, Klamath Falls

Stick and Puck

Full equipment is required for youth ages 6 to 17 and adults aged 18 and older. Please bring a helmet and gloves. The ice sheet is divided by age group. Don't lift the puck. 
After-school and Non-skating Sessions At Running Y Ranch, Klamath Falls

After-school and Non-skating Sessions

Have some fun after school! Get skate rentals at discounted prices. If you are interested in other recreations, wear your favorite shoes with good traction for Broomball and Curling. 
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