Star Gazing

Oregon's Night Sky

In big cities sky scrapers light up the night sky, in Oregon only the stars do. Our night sky sparkles with over 10,000 stars to the eye. With only the sounds of nature around you, feel the serenity of the outdoors. On any average night you can see plenty of stars or plan a special night for a meteor shower. 

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Metero Showers in 2017


Radiant and direction Morning of maximum Best hourly rate
Quadrantid Draco (NE) January 3rd 600-100
Lyrid Lyra (E) April 22nd 10-20
Eta Aquariid* Aquarius (E) May 6th 20-60
Delta Aquariid Aquarius (S) July 30th 20
Perseid* Perseus (NE) August 12th 90
Orionid Orion (SE) October 21st 10-20
Southern Taurid* Taurus (S) November 5th 10-20
Leonid Leo (E) November 17th 10-20
Geminid Gemini (S) December 14th 100-120